$15,000 Settlement Leads to $30,000 Cost Award:

In Janmohamed v Dr . Zia Medicine PC ( Ct file # CV-20-00646993) Justice Myers had a situation where the Plaintiff accepted the Defendants Rule 49 Offer of $15,000 plus costs to be assessed. The parties could not agree on costs.

The judge made the following comments after writing about what he thought was the ” very aggressive” fight by the Defendant.

“A plaintiff whose employment is terminated without cause is entitled to pay in lieu of reasonable notice. Employers should not be incentivized to low-ball and then force a plaintiff to sue to obtain what everyone knows is justly due. Costs and delay are horrible risks to a plaintiff who finds herself sitting at home having to spend thousands of dollars, while unemployed and vulnerable, to chase money that is obviously due from a well funded employer. In my view a plaintiff should reasonably expect to be paid her costs on a partial indemnity basis in a wrongful dismissal action. The quantum is an issue and I deal with it below. But it would be fundamentally unjust to leave the plaintiff under water as a result of bringing her employer to a position that it ought to have arrived at or near and offered fairly at the time it terminated her employment.’

I love the way Justice Myers gets to the point and doesn’t pull punches. Kinda reminds me of myself.

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