18 Months Notice for 6.8 Years of Service :

In Hale v Innova Ophthalmics ( 2018 ONSC 1551) Justice Carole Brown awarded 18 months notice to a 59 year old President making $300,000 / year who only had 6 years and 8 months total service. 

Other than quoting the usual Bardal factors in determining  the appropriate notice period,  the Judge seemed to also consider these factors:

1) The Plaintiff was unemployed for 30 months.

2) The Plaintiff felt that the allegations of after acquired cause and the failure of the Defendant to provide references made his job search more difficult.

This is an exceptionally high notice period for an employee with such moderate service.

A search in my Wrongful Dismissal Database for Upper Managers with between 6 and 8 years service and between the ages of 54 and 64 shows an average of 12.5 months notice being awarded by Courts across Canada.

The judgment does not reference any cases cited on the issue of reasonable notice.