4 Months Pay as Punitive Damages to 4 Plaintiff’s:

In Martin, Allain, Leblanc, Bourque v Total Credit Recovery ( 2019 NBQB 102 ) Rideout J. awarded, in addition to reasonable notice , 4 moths extra pay as punitive damages for the reasons set out in this quote :
47. I realize as well that punitive or Wallace damages require “careful consideration”, and discretion to award these damages must be “cautious exercised”. With that in mind, I find the conduct of Total Credit Recovery Limited to be egregious. They knew what they were planning, told their clients about the closure but not the long-term employees until the day of the closure, gave them two weeks’ salary and then collapsed Total Credit Recovery (Atlantic) Limited so they would not have to pay reasonable notice; so they thought. To me, this conduct is harsh, vindictive, reprehensible and malicious. I believe that no employee should be treated by their employer this way and even more so when the four plaintiffs had worked for them for many years.