CIRB Rules That to be a Dependant Contractor under the CLC the Person Must Derive at Least 50% of their Income From the One Source:

In Gee v Corus Entertainment ( 2023 CIRB 1090) Adjudicator Rogers ruled that an regular guest on air contributor who appeared twice a week was not an employee and thus not covered by the Unjust Dismissal section of the Canada Labour Code.

The CLC also covers Dependant Contractors, however this is what the Adjudicator said on this point :

[22] Turning to the question of whether the complainant meets the test for a dependent contractor, the Board finds that the undisputed facts establish that she was not economically dependent on Corus. Rather, the uncontested facts are that she worked for various other media outlets throughout her tenure with the employer and that only 25 per cent of her income was from Corus.

This is well below the near-exclusivity threshold of at least 50 per cent as contemplated in the above-noted cases.

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