CLC Adjudicator Has No Authority to Reinstate to a Different Position :

In Miawpukek First Nation v. Howse, 2022 FC 1501 (CanLII) Justice Furlanetto reviewed the decision of an adjudicator under the Unjust Dismissal section of the Canada Labour Code who, having found that the complainant had been unjustly dismissed from her position of Director of Training & Development, ordered her reinstated but to any position other than her former position. The Adjudicator also imposed a set of conditions on her reinstatement , including a one year probationary period, that she not supervise anyone and that she take training.

The Federal Court determined that the Adjudicator had exceeded their jurisdiction and that the power to reinstate was limited to the same position that the complainant held at the time of termination.

My Comment :

It seems that if the adjudicator finds that reinstatement is not appropriate, then the only remedy would be a payment in lieu of reinstatement as it is not within the power of the adjudicator to require the employer to either create a position or displace an innocent employee from their position so that the complainant can be reemployed.

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