CLC Adjudicator orders Reference Letter and Award be put on Internal Bank Files :

In Bawa v Royal Bank of Canada ( Supplementary Award-Remedy dated January 1, 2014) Adjudicator Novick , in addition to awarding 9 months pay in lieu of reinstatement, ordered the following three non-monatary remedies against the Bank.

  1. To advise the Ontario Securities Commission that Mr. Bawa had been determined to be unjustly dismissed.
  2. To provide a letter of recommendation outlining Mr. Bawa’s positions held and stating that his performed his duties in a satisfactory manner. This was later changed to say that the Complainant was ” at times highly rated, and in 2010 was nominated by his Branch Manager for a top performers’ award for his geographic area”
  3. Rather than remove all references to his original dismissal for just cause from all Bank records, the Bank was ordered to include in his file a copy of the Adjudicators’ original award finding that his dismissal was unjust.