Court Finds Tow Truck Driver is an Employee Not an Independent Contractor:

In Mazanek v Bill & Son ( 2021 ONSC 4512) Justice Steele found that a tow truck driver was an employee and not a independent contractor for the following reasons :

1) The fact that he was paid through a company and not personally was not important.
2) The Plaintiff drove a branded truck owned the Defendant . All the tools of the trade were owned by the Defendant.
3) The Plaintiff wore a Company uniform.
4) He was paid on a strictly hourly basis.
5) He had been an employee of the predecessor company when the Defendant took over the towing contract and continued using the Plaintiff’s services.
6) There was a GPS in the truck so the Plaintiff could be tracked by the Defendant at all times .
7) Most importantly, his duties of driving a tow truck was the business of the Defendant. It was central to the business, not an adjunct to the business.

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