Dinner With Wife Leads to Dismissal For Just Cause:

In Mechalchuk v Galaxy Motors (1990) Ltd., 2023 BCSC 635 (CanLII) Justice Weatherill had a situation where the president of a number of car dealerships took his wife out for a $250 dinner and then sought reimbursement from his employer while claiming it was a business meeting with two employees.

When confronted by his employer, he continued to lie.

This was held to be just cause . This what the judge said :

[65]      I agree with the submissions of counsel for the defendant that the facts in Roe are analogous to those before me in this case. Although the total amount of the Parksville restaurant dinner and breakfast receipts (approximately $250) was relatively small, the misconduct went to the very root of the plaintiff’s employment relationship with the defendant. He was in the most senior management position at the defendant. His position commanded a high level of authority, responsibility, and trust. He breached that trust by submitting false expense receipts and thereafter being untruthful about them when given an opportunity to explain them on July 11, 2022. Moreover, he failed to “come clean” when he had a second opportunity to do so during the meeting on July 13, 2022. His conduct was such that the defendant’s loss of faith and trust in him was justified.

Lesson to be learned:

Don’t be a schmuck. When you take your spouse out for dinner, pay for it yourself.

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