Doctrine of Frustration Doesn’t Apply to Unjust Dismissal under Canada Labour Code :

In Lewis v Whiteline Trucking ( 2018 CanLi 72555 ) Adjudicator Pallard had a situation where the employers’ new insurance company would not cover the plaintiff in the company insurance program. As this made it impossible for the plaintiff to drive, his employment was terminated as the contract was frustrated.

However the Adjudicator ruled that the common law doctrine of frustration did not apply under the unjust dismissal section of the Code as ” just cause” must be based on culpable conduct by the employee. As there was no evidence of this in the hearing the discharge was found to be unjust. Mr Lewis was awarded his Code severance pay .

Quere, what if he was uninsurable because of something he did while not at work, like being convicted of impaired driving ? Does this make his uninsurability culpable ?