EI Tells Employers How to Fill out ROE for Vaccine Refusnicks :

This is then latest release from Service Canada :

COVID-19 vaccination

When the employee doesn’t report to work because they refuse to comply with your mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy, use code E (quit) or code N (leave of absence). 

When you suspend or terminate an employee for not complying with your mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy, use code M (dismissal).

If you use these codes, we may contact you to determine:
if you had adopted and clearly communicated to all employees a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy
if the employees were informed that failure to comply with the policy would result in loss of employment
if the application of the policy to the employee was reasonable within the workplace context
if there were any exemptions for refusing to comply with the policy

My Comment : This most likely means that if the ROE is filled out this way, the claimant will be denied EI.

It seems that the purpose behind this edict maybe twofold:

  1. To encourage employees to get vaccinated.
  2. To discourage employers from putting unvaccinated employees on layoffs pending their vaccination and expecting EI to lessen the economic effect  of this event. Remember that it is a criminal offence for an employer to lie on a ROE.