I Did My First ZOOM Mediation. It Was Great!

 On Friday I did a mediation entirely on ZOOM video technology that took 8 hours, involved 4 parties and 4 lawyers.
Yes it settled.
It was in some ways better than a face to face case. I could switch rooms instantly. I could see everybody in the room at the same time. One person cannot talk over another. No one had to catch a plane or pick up the kids so we had no time limits. Everybody made their own lunch . By using breakout rooms , it was just like a face to face mediation. When I needed to talk to the lawyers without clients, we simply moved to another room. Drafting the settlement documents was easy. One lawyer sent the other a draft by email. Clients could view the document at the same time.
I am convinced that there is no good reason to adjourn mediations until this pandemic is over. It can be business as usual .
Being a ZOOM participant is so simple . All you do is download ZOOM to your browser or your phone by using the ZOOM app. Hosting a ZOOM meeting is more complicated, but that is the sole responsibility of the mediator, so you don’t have to worry about that part.
I am more than willing to talk to any employment or labour lawyer about using ZOOM for mediations or arbitrations. Call me on my cell 1 416 999 3785 or email me at barryfisher!rogers.com.