Induced Employee Who Lasts Only 2 Months in New Job Gets 6 Months Notice :

In Younesi v. Kaz Minerals Projects B.V. (2021 BCSC 614) Justice Kent was dealing with 40 something Engineering Manager who was induced to leave his prior employer of just 2 years and join the Defendant. After only a little over 2 months employment the Defendant decided that the Plaintiff was ” not a good fit ” .

The Court said that normal reasonable notice was 4 months but it was bumped up  to 6 months because of the inducement.

The Court also awarded $12,500 in mental distress damages because the Plaintiff had a “thin skull ” and took the termination much harder than the average person ashe felt that  his professional competence was being  questioned. The Court noted that as this part of the claim is a tort, you take your victim as you find them so even though the average person would not have gone through the distress that the Plaintiff would have, he must still be compensated.