Judgement = $35,743. Cost Award = $25,000

In Summers v. OZ Optics Limited, 2023 ONSC 723 Justice Hackland determined that the Plaintiff had beat their Rule 49 offer and was entitled to substantial indemnity cots for the bulk of the time .

Th judge made the following interesting comments about why he thought the Defendant’s actions increased the costs:

(b) Refusal to admit anything that should have been admitted – Rule 57.01(1)(g). The Respondent flatly refused and continues to refuse to acknowledge the application of the Court of Appeal judgement in Waksdale v. Swegon North America Inc. 2020 ONCA 391 (and subsequent appellate and trial decisions discussed in the court’s reasons herein), to the issue of the validity of the termination clause in its employment agreement. The Respondent continues to insist its’termination clause is valid and enforceable.

(c) Unnecessarily lengthening the duration of the proceedings – Rule 57.01(1)(e) and any step in the proceeding that was improper, vexatious or unnecessary – Rule 57.01(1)(f). The Respondent’s argument that the Applicant had failed to mitigate his damages by taking reasonable steps to secure new employment, an issue on which the Respondent had the burden of proof, was raised gratuitously and without any evidentiary basis. This was in the face of the Respondent doing nothing to assist the Applicant’s re-employment efforts-no letter of reference, no career transition counselling, and a summary dismissal in front of other employees. Then mitigation issue served to unnecessarily lengthen and complicate the proceedings and led to the Respondent improperly late serving affidavits on this issue, after the cross-examinations had

My Comments;

1. Don’t make stupid legal arguments.

2. Don’t attack the Plaintiff’s mitigation efforts if the Defendant has done zilch to help him get a new job or taken active steps to impair it.

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