Manager Asks Subordinate to Buy Dope for Her = Just Cause :

In Gaucher v Manitoba Public Insurance ( 2020 MBQB 84) Justice Perlmutter had a situation involving a 18 year manager with colitis who asked her subordinate ( and good friend) to buy her cannabis edibles at the same time he was ordering some for himself. She did this because she was scared to order it herself. At that time cannabis were illegal unless she had a medical certificate, which she did not . The stupid subordinate delivered the dope to the manager while the manager was at a meeting with other managers.

They caught her. They fired her .

When she asked the Court to consider mitigating factors, the Court said:

1) The conduct was both criminal and contrary to the defendants policies.
2) As a manager she was responsible for managing the behaviour of her staff but instead she used her staff to commit the criminal act.
3) She had her staff do the buying because she knew it was illegal.
4) She did not come forth and admit her actions even when she knew they were questioning her stupid subordinate .

The termination for just cause was upheld.

Lessons Learned: Buy your own dope.