Poor Economic Conditions Lengthen Notice Period Says Alberta Court:

In Hunsley v Canadian Energy Services ( 2020 ABQB 724 ) Poelman J. dealt with an supervisor in the old and gas industry, which the Court noted that the parties agreed that at the time of termination the industry was facing ” challenging financial circumstances”.

This is what the Court said :

[26] Adverse economic conditions tend to increase the notice period because they usually contribute directly to the estimated time required to find replacement employment.

A depressed economy or sector tends to lengthen the notice. But is only one factor and should not be given disproportionate effect: ibid,

[28] The amount of reasonable notice must be determined based on circumstances at the timeĀ of dismissal, not subsequent events or length of actual unemployment.

The court went to award a supervisor / lower manager with 7 years and 7 months service and 34 years of age an eight month notice period .