Wrongful Dismissal Database

Letting an employee go without cause is never easy. And, determining the appropriate severance package that can help you avoid a costly lawsuit can be even harder. Now you can have instant access to the same wrongful dismissal database that lawyers have been using for years. This popular database contains over 3,000 wrongful dismissal cases from across Canada. Simply select the relevant key factors – age, occupation, and years of service – and the database will show you what the courts have awarded in similar circumstances. You can also further refine your search by selecting jurisdiction and time frame.

With the courts generally giving higher awards than the minimum requirements as set out in Employment Standards legislation, this database will ensure that your severance package is not only fair, but “bullet proof” as well. The Wrongful Dismissal Database is now available online for instant access and results.

NEW - For pay-per-use or online subscription based searches, CARSWELL is now offering instant Wrongful Dismissal Database searches online.

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